• too fat
  • too skinny
  • too ugly
  • too pretty
  • too loud
  • too quiet
  • too shy
  • too outgoing
  • too friendly
  • too cold
  • too hairy
  • too bold
  • too inteligent
  • too stupid
  • too …

All eyes on you!

That’s so crazy! This list could go on and on. Probably everyone could add another thing. There are so many things that others would change about us, don’t like about us or just simply complain about. So I have an answer to you:

me is me. that’s how I am. I like myself. You don’t have to like me. end of story.

As many opinions as many people. What you like, I might not like and other way round. And it is totally OK. I am often shocked when I read comments under photos of people (especially celebrities) on Instagram. I wonder if these people who comment would like to hear all that about themselves? They are sometimes so rude. Then I think to myself ‘Who gave you the power to judge others?”. One of my friends always says “Only Jesus can judge you”. I kind of agree with it. I understand that we have the freedom of speach, but why not spread some love around and see positive things in others? Make them smile. Make them feel good. People, Be nice! It’s spring:-) 

Hugs, J x