If you split a word ‘friendship’ to two words you will get a ‘friend’ and a ‘ship’. When I started thinking about friendships more, I realised that all friendships are some kind of journeys on a ship. On a ship which rocks on the sea. This ship is packed with luggage full of moments, adventures,  laughter, talks and many many more. Some of the ships have soaked due to many reasons. Some of them have taken a wrong direction due to a huge hurricane, but after years found a balance to carry on rocking the sea. There are ships that have been exposed to strong waves, but carried on a journey. Some of the ships have been safely bouncing on the sea. And there are ships which day by day continue a journey towards deep waters of oceans. You leave the wheel as you know, these ships can take you somewhere, where you have never been before, and let you feel you emotions, you have never felt before.