I am just an ordinary girl who one day decided to break the rules and go on a journey to an unknown destination. Slowly making my path throughout my beautiful country Poland, gaining confidence to leave our borders in age of only 19. I wish I could count the kilometers I have traveled so far, however I am more excited of enormous amount of kilometers that I can still travel. I am 25 years old now, so I have a lot to catch up with.

First step is always difficult to make. I would like to share with you my experience and tell you how my journey started, how beautiful places I have visited, how yummy dishes I have eaten and how amazing people I have met. It is not to show off, but it is to inspire you to always do more and to take an extra step to widens your horizon.

However, it will not only be a reflection of past. I will share my present with you! #enjoylittlethings and #whynot? present!

Grab a nice cup of tea… and enjoy reading. J

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